Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

We are thrilled to unveil our highly anticipated collection of exclusive Fair Isle Family matching Christmas pajamas!

These adorable Christmas Pyjamas are exclusive to us (The Christmas Pyjamas and Cubwear Clothing Ltd) and are not available anywhere else in the world. Made from our soft signature range 95% cotton, we believe these are going to be the best selling Christmas pyjamas of 2023. 

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

What sizes do these come in?
For 2023 we are catering for the whole family, even the family dog.

Our exclusive Fair Isle pyjamas will include babies, children (up to 12 yrs) and adults up to 3XL. We have also introduced four different sizes for dogs, so everyone can partcipate in the festive fun this year.

Fair Isle Dog Pyjamas
When will these be available?
Now. These are now physically in stock and available for immediate dispatch. 
CLICK HERE to view our Fair Isle product listing. 

Why are your Pyjamas different to lots of others?
The Fair Isle print is a popular design and you may have seen it before. It's always sold on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. The problem with this cheap version is it's mass produced in China and the quality is awful and made from a poor quality polyester material. It may look nice in the photos, but when it arrives you will be hugely disappointed.
Fair Isle Pyjamas

Our journey in designing these pyjamas commenced back in January 2023, and since then, we have dedicated extensive effort to perfecting the print design. Drawing from the resounding success of our inaugural exclusive pyjama launch in 2022, we have honed our expertise and gained valuable insights. This success has paved the way for our second signature range, the exquisite Fair Isle Pyjamas, as we continue to reinvest in delivering top-notch quality products.

Introducing our 2023 Fair Isle Pyjamas, expertly crafted from a luxurious blend of 95% soft cotton, ensuring the utmost comfort. The exceptional craftsmanship ensures a level of quality that surpasses expectations. Notably, these pyjamas are designed to withstand numerous washes, unlike cheaper materials, and they maintain their vibrant color and size, providing you with enduring value and satisfaction.

Baby Sizes
We have also paid extra attention to the babies sizes and ensured ultimate comfort. We've included double front zips for easy changing, soft scratch mitts and feet warmers. 

Baby Fair Isle Pyjamas

Fair Isle Production 

Throughout the entirety of summer 2023, we devoted ourselves to crafting the exquisite Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas. Every step, from cutting and stitching to sewing, ironing, and packing, has been meticulously undertaken. This laborious journey has resulted in what we confidently believe to be the epitome of Christmas Pyjamas, and we sincerely hope you share our enthusiasm.

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

To watch our Brand New Fair Isle Christmas Video, simply click the link below:


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for investing your time in reading our blog. We sincerely hope that you found it valuable, and we are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming you to our new exclusive pyjama collection soon.

We'd like to emphasize that with every purchase of pyjamas from our website, you play a crucial role in supporting our small, family-run business. Your patronage enables us to continually innovate and create even more exciting collections for the future. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Take care. 

The Christmas Pyjamas


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